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Bestmate is a communication app that is produced by a company offering “ASOBO” which has been a major matching and dating site over the past 13 years.... Read More


Bestmate is a communication app that is produced by a company offering “ASOBO” which has been a major matching and dating site over the past 13 years. ---------------------------------------------- ■【Safety】No email address and phone number required To use the app, create a profile briefly. Best mate is a dating app focused on privacy and it is possible to be completely anonymous. ■No more annoying Log in! You will have a special time from the minute you launch Bestmate. ■Huge number of members! Best mate is linked up with "ASOBO" which has over 4 million members in total. We have the largest membership bases, including Bestmate. You have a big opportunity to meet a lot of members! ■Reliable Customer Service and Support Customer Support staffs are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. ■SNS dating with FREE Sign-up It’s Free to sign up and join in Bestmate! ▼Main Features ◯ Search Search through profiles with photos! Find people by category, such as age, job and whatever you want. You will find your “Best mate” on “Bestmate”. ◯ Carousel Check out photos of members and decide whether you "Like or Pass". You can have different chances to meet up with someone!? ◯ Like! When you like someone, use "Like!" button. The member will receive notice of your "Like" and it would be a good chance if you are nervous about sending a message initially. Feel free to use "Like!" button for approaching other members! ◯Message Easy operation like chatting each other with a familiar design. ◯PR PR yourself! To get attention, you should use PR feature. Your photo will appear on the top of the screen. Boost your opportunities to find a date! So get started with Bestmate now and find girlfriends, boyfriends and any friends soon! ■ Service Charges for Women ■ Basic features are FREE of charge ■ Service Charges for Man ■ ▼Basic Services for FREE Create profile/ Receive a mail/ Read a mail/ Receive, Browse and Enlarge a photo/Send a photo/ Carousel/ Send “Like”/ 50 Bookmarks/ Memo/ Browse thumbnails of the members/ Search/ Black list ▼Main Services you need points ◇1pt Check profile/ Enlarge a Prof photo/ Enlarge a photo for public ◇2pts See Secret Information (2pts Each) ◇5pts Send messages (fixed ・in your own words) / Display more than 5 profile visitors (24-hour limit) ◇10〜100pts PR yourself ---------------------------------------------- Would you like to meet someone special at Bestmate? Bestmate offers one of the safest matching (dating) service in Japan. ---------------------------------------------- ■Please be sure to read Term of Use before you download the app■ Term of Use <a href="" target="_blank"></a> *If you are under seventeen (17) years of age, you are not permitted to use the app. ■ Age Verification Required ■ To verify that members are at least 18 years old and authorize the members in compliance with laws, we offer members a chance to send a photo of official certificate (such as Drivers license, Passport, Health insurance identification card, National health insurance Card, Pension book, Members’ card of Mutual aid association) which has birth date or age, the certification name and the publisher name (by sending the photo through the app). ■ We have provided notice to Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission. ■ We have followed the procedures stipulated by the Metropolitan Police Department and Notification of business has been accepted. - Notification of Online Dating Service Provider - Recipient number by Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission:30080037000 -About us- Company name: Yournet, Inc. Address: Shibuya MJ bldg. 7F, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0002 Contact: <a href=""></a> Company Representative: Naoki Katsumata (CEO)</br></br></br></br> </br> </br></br> </br> </br> </br></br></br> </br> </br> </br> </br></br> </br></br> </br> </br></br></br> </br> </br></br> </br></br> </br></br></br> </br> </br></br> </br></br></br> </br> </br></br>

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