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Talking 3 Headed Dragon

Just talk and speak with the cool three-headed dragon and he will answer with his funny voice or react to your touch. Discover the magical, enchanted... Read More


Just talk and speak with the cool three-headed dragon and he will answer with his funny voice or react to your touch. Discover the magical, enchanted, funny world of this crazy dragon! If you like talking games like talking cat or talking dog, animal games, dragon games, zoo games, dragon simulator games or talking animal in general you will love Talking 3 Headed Dragon! Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with this talking and free virtual dragon app! If you like Talking 3 Headed Dragon then please rate it with 5 stars. Thank you! ★★★ Features: ★★★ ✔ Talking Animals - Talking Dragon - Talking App ✔ Dragon Games - Dragon Game ✔ Cool 3D graphics with high quality ✔ Spoken-Interaction/-Animations ✔ 3 Talking Heads - Dragons ✔ He repeats what you say ✔ Hammer game inside ✔ Lighter modus (flames react like real ones) ✔ He can dance to different styles of music (heavy metal with long black hair, blues with cool glasses and hats, pop with funny hats, dancing with strobe effect, hip-hop with gold jewelry / bling bling, etc.) ✔ You can dress him up in different ways (funny clothes: bra, negligee, skirt, dresses) ✔ He becomes ensorcelled (various funny animations: blue tongues, green skin with red spots, squirrel on the head and shrinking) ✔ There are many backgrounds available, which you are able to choose as it pleases you. ✔ He can imitate animal sounds (dog, cat, cow, lion, horse, pig, chicken, etc.) ✔ And much more like: fart, sneeze fire; strike around with its tail, etc. Tap on one of the dragon heads, his body and on all the different buttons to find out more about this mighty creature’s personality. You will probably not imagine such an amazing beast even in your dreams. Overall, he is a very funny guy who does not always agree with himself, sometimes does comical grimaces and laughs. Talking 3 Headed Dragon offers endless entertainment and laughter for everybody! Talking 3 Headed Dragon offers children of all ages a lot of fun and especially girls will love it. Talking 3 Headed Dragon is a free talking app and a funny game - have fun with it!

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