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VLC for Android

VLC for Android is the best open source video and music player, fast and easy!


Simple, fast and powerful media player VLC media player has been a crowd favorite for years. Easy to use, flexible and lightweight, VLC supports a wide range of formats and can also integrate with web channel streaming services. It’s a first choice to play audio (from mp3 to flac) and video (mkv, mpeg4, webm and many more). If you feel like downloading a video from youtube VLC will also answer your call. VLC supports MPEG and DivX streaming and will play all your movies, songs and TV shows with no conversion needed. You can also sync files through Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive and download and share files throgh wifi and play them through SMB or FTP servers. VLC also features advanced captions support, multilinear audio channels and different playback speeds. VLC will also search for you album covers. A playlist function allows for multiple songs or movies to play one after the other. This is particularly useful if you have downloaded a movie in several parts or just want to watch several shorter videos. Powerful, simple, easy to use and ahead of the curve in terms of streaming compatibility, VLC is the answer for your favorite media content to run or that weird file format you just couldn’t play elsewhere.

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