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Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

Discover over 1.400.000 free tabs & chords for guitar, bass or ukulele!


Learn how to play any song on your guitar with Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords. Ultimate Guitar is an Internet staple and the world’s largest library of guitar and ukulele chords, tabs and lyrics. Now, there is a mobile version of Ultimate Guitar, which you can take anywhere you go and gives you the opportunity to learn how to play your favorite guitar songs, even if you’re offline! Search for your favorite song in our almost endless catalog. Simply look up the name of the song and you’ll find several different versions of the tabs you want. There are over 1.200.000 tabs of classic and newly released songs! You can even search by type, tuning, difficulty and user rating! Enjoy all kinds of clever teaching options like chord diagrams with fingering, left-handed mode and auto-scroll, so you can sing and play along the whole song. Mark the tabs you like the best as favorites, so you can access them quicker! Get in on our interactive lessons! Whether you’re taking your first musical steps or perfecting your technique, our lessons will give you the chance to increase your knowledge and skills in a fun way. These lessons are made available through our in-app purchases. You can also buy other useful features like the tuner, the metronome and an even bigger library of chords and additional tabs. Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords is a living app that gets free updates on a regular basis and even presents you with collections of songs, specially picked by guitar professionals. Songs for different moods, different occasions and your different needs. The editors really want you to have all the options! Whether you’re learning the acoustic guitar, electrical guitar or ukulele, Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords has all the tabs and chord sheets you’ll ever need to become a professional musician.

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