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Sports Tracker Running Cycling

Track running, cycling, walking distance with stats and analyze fitness progress


TOP RATED HEALTH & FITNESS APP WITH MILLIONS OF USERS! Sports Tracker is not only one of the best fitness apps around, it’s the original sports app. For over a decade, Sports Tracker has helped millions of fitness fans around the world get inspired through exercise, and it can help you too -- whether it’s running, cycling, walking, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or other sports activities that power your passion. Track your training using powerful GPS and maps, analyze everything from calories burned to average speed and altitude, and monitor your progress as you work towards your fitness goals. Best of all, you don’t have to go it alone! Sports Tracker is the social sports tracking application and service that started it all. Powerful social features let you share your workout progress and photos with friends and followers, motivating you to stay on track with your training. FANTASTIC FREE FEATURES TO GET YOU FIT Sports Tracker for Android comes with powerful social features in addition to award-winning GPS tracking capabilities, making it the most feature-packed, easy to use fitness app available: - Track and analyze your workout performances - Monitor your fitness progress - Record data in your Workout Diary for progress analysis and back it up on Sports Tracker’s online service - Track calories burned, average training and cycling speed, running pace, altitude and more - Use GPS maps, time and distance calculators - Get voice feedback during training - Follow friends who inspire and motivate you and see their progress on your social feed - Encourage friends by commenting and liking their updates, right from your home screen - Share your progress, photos, workouts, favorite running and cycling maps and more with friends on Sports Tracker, Facebook, and Twitter - Prefer a private workout? No problem! There’s no pressure to share. EXPLORE NEW ROUTES ON FASCINATING HEATMAPS - Explore and find new routes anywhere you are - Choose your favourite map type (terrain, satellite or hybrid) - Plan your route beforehand and adjust distance to match your fitness level - Easily save your favorite routes to run, hike, MTB or bike in any area - Follow your route in the app to stay on track - Analyze your route-specific performance with the “On this route” feature - Find Heatmaps for your sport type: trail running maps, Mountain Bike routes, most common trails in national parks or a new exactly 10K road run in your neighborhood - See the local’s favourite routes when traveling and discover hidden treasures you wouldn’t find in a travel guide HEART RATE MONITORING Take your training to the next level with the Sports Tracker Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor – available separately at FREE ONLINE SERVICE AT WWW.SPORTS-TRACKER.COM Sports Tracker is the most powerful social sports tracking solution available for Android when used with the full-featured online service at The free online service offers automatic workout backup, detailed maps and analysis views, friends' workouts and lots more. Ready to have fun getting fit so that you can be your personal best? Download Sports Tracker today and join the world’s first and the best social sports app community. Here's the solution how to continue if tracking happens to stop while working out: Pedometer calculates accurately the amount of steps you take during a workout only phones with Android 4.4 or above, and if the phone has pedometer / step counter sensor.

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