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Finally, a messaging app that lets you text with style. Free Style is the first messaging app that allows you to customize how your texts look to th... Read More


Finally, a messaging app that lets you text with style. Free Style is the first messaging app that allows you to customize how your texts look to the people who receive them. You can even make them disappear after theyre read. Its the latest app from Pinger, makers of the #1 free texting and calling app, Textfree. SEND TEXTS THAT MATCH YOUR PERSONAL STYLE You style yourself, now style your texts. Customize the background, the color, and the font, then add unique animated smileys and stickers, or our wacky live-action animated GIFs. Explore the more than 27,000 combinations. YOUR FRIENDS SEE YOUR TEXTS IN THE STYLES YOU CHOOSE Youre in complete control of how your texts look to others. And you can easily change them up with every text you send. MAKE YOUR TEXT MESSAGES SELF-DESTRUCT Be free to be yourself. Want to send a text that can only be seen once? Just choose the disappearing ink style and your text will disappear after your friend reads it. Youll both see it go poof and disappear forever. SHARE YOUR MOOD WITH ANIMATED STICKERS OR LIVE-ACTION GIFS Communicate your mood with one tap, no typing required. Send a lovable animated sticker or one of our wacky live-action GIFs, like puckered lips, nose-picking, thumbs up or down. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO FREE STYLE WITH YOU If youre one of the millions of current Textfree or Pinger users, use your Pinger numberuser name to log in to Free Style. All of your friends who use Pinger or Textfree will be marked with a purple dot. You can easily send them invites to download and log in to Free Style. If you dont use Pinger or Textfree, you can invite friends to Free Style by clicking on the Invite Friends button inside the app. REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF " Your friends need Free Style to receive your Free Style messages " iPod touch and iPad users need WiFi " Free Style Messenger is ad-supported, so you will see ads from time to time CONNECT WITH US " facebook.comfreestylemessenger " twitter.comfreestyletext

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