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PedidosYa - Food Delivery

Latin America's Leading Food Delivery App


Delivery of your favorite food online and wherever you are. PedidosYa allows you to order food from thousands of restaurants and millions of dishes to your location. Are you craving a huge pizza? A delicious sushi? A juicy burger? Some great empanadas? A delicious vegetarian food? Only with 3 steps you can receive at your door your favorite food: 1. Open the app from your Android to find the restaurants that deliver to your location. 2. Choose your favorite restaurant or filter by the food you want to eat, and check the menus available for you. 3. Your order is confirmed instantly and your food will be prepared and delivered to your address. What restaurants will you find? Some of the most important are: - Argentina: McDonald's, Subway, El Club de la Milanesa, Sushi Pop and more! - Bolivia: Burger King, Fridolin, Pollos Kiky, Pollos Chuy and more! - Chile: Telepizza, KFC, Sushi House, Juan Maestro and more! - Paraguay: Alberdín, Don Vito, Carnívoros, Pizzotón and more! - Uruguay: Subway, La Pasiva, Chivipizza, Bocatti and more! Our community loves the food as much as we do (and we are not prone to hyperbole when we say we love it), that’s why every order can be rated by you! This allow us to rank all our restaurants with a score that highlights the quality of the food, the delivery speed, and the service as the presentation of your order, so your decision is validated by the opinion of thousands of people. Enjoy your meal!

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