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Play new music & podcasts for free and personalize your streaming experience!


If you want to enjoy a personalised music experience that understands your mood and tastes in a constant basis, Pandora Music is your perfect app. It is a very useful music tool that will offer you personalized radio stations and playlists. Pandora Music is the perfect app to enjoy music because it will analyze your favorite songs and create playlists and radio stations based on your taste and favorite genre, such as rap, rock, pop, hip hop, R&B, country or electro. If you want to control your music streaming experience, you can also join Pandora Premium or Pandora Plus that will allow you to search and play songs and albums on-demand, create playlists, download the tracks to listen to them offline, a better audio quality and no ads! This app is one the favorite tools for music lovers since the AI behind it makes it very easy to discover new bands and songs that you will really love! In addition, users find it very easy to use, so you can really focus on putting on your headphones and enjoying the sound. Using Pandora Music is very easy, you just need to download it, login or create an account and start enjoying the music!

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