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SUPER PADS - Become a DJ

The simplest to play and most fun instrument of all time.


This is SUPERPADS, a fun, super easy to use free musical app, without all those extra functions that we never get to use, and only make the app more complicated. With SUPER PADS, you will be able to play all the hits that are out now. It's super SIMPLE AND FUN We release new songs and tutorial videos on how to play them DAILY. Impress your friends and become a DJ at your parties. Try SUPER PADS right now!! • Tutorial videos on youtube, teaching you how to use SUPER PADS for each kit; • Multitouch • Studio quality audio • Easy to play • No need to update to get new kits • A new kit every day • It works in all screen resolutions - Cellphones and tablets (HD resolution) Would you like to know about the new songs released on SUPER PADS before your friends? Subscribe to our channel on youtube, and become a member of the SUPER PADS family!! :) Do you have any suggestions on songs for SUPER PADS? Send an e-mail to SUPER PADS, simple and fun! 😜

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