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Spiritwish, a touching and imaginative fairy tale adventure!


▣ Are you the almighty upfront tanker type? Or perhaps a ranged attacker or supporter from behind? Maybe a Melee? In Spiritwish, you can be all three at once! Prepare for battle. ▣ Adventure into an unknown world! There's no time for slacking! Send characters who aren't in the party on their own adventures! ▣ Adventure with a Memorable Cast of Heroes! A vast continent full of colorful characters! Mix and match party members with unique skills and specialties to explore the world of Spirit Wish your way! ▣ Tackle Exciting and Original Missions! Daily Dungeons hold vital materials—but you'll have to fight for them! Test your luck in the Daily Dungeon for tons of fun and incredible rewards! ▣ Enter the Onkalo Dungeon, a Nine-Character Challenge! The Onkalo Dungeon is an endless labyrinth! Form a team of nine characters and see how far you get! ▣ Gather a Party and Take On Co-Op Raids! It's dangerous to go alone! Group up and push your skills to the limit! Assemble a party and challenge a variety of missions at different difficulty levels! ▣ Guild Clash—a war for power and glory! Which guild will emerge victorious? Take your place as the greatest in Kaleva Village! ▣ Create Your Own Combat Strategies! Tacticians wanted! Dozens of character combinations mean tons of complex strategies! Build your own team and craft the ultimate battle plan! ▣ Play and Chat One-Handed with Vertical Mode! This easy-to-use mode allows you to play your way! Vertical! Horizontal! Spiritwish does it all! ----------- SUPPORT ----------- ▣ Community Follow us on official community to get latest news and updates! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spiritwishGB ▣ Terms of Service: https://m.nexon.com/terms/304 ▣ Privacy Policy: https://m.nexon.com/terms/305 ▣ Minimum Specifications: AOS 6.0 or higher (Galaxy S6 or higher) ■ App Permission Information In order to provide services below, we are requesting certain permissions. [Optional Permission] Save photo / media / files: To save game execution files and videos, and upload photos / videos Phone: To collect phone numbers to send promotional text messages ※ Granting or denying Optional Permissions does not affect gameplay. ※ This permission is only effective in certain countries, so numbers may not be collected from all players. [Permission Management] ▶ Android 6.0 or higher - Go to Settings > Applications, select the app and toggle permissions ▶ Under Android 6.0 - Update OS version to revoke permissions, or uninstall the app ※ The app may not ask for individual permissions, in which case you can allow or block them manually following the steps explained above. ※ This app offers in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device settings.

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