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The browser game phenomenon comes to mobile! It's a cell-eating frenzy!


An addictive dot-eats-dot arcade game. Welcome to a game that's not just insanely addictive but downright competitive. is a stunningly simple game. You need to take control of your tiny cell and move around eating other player's cells. The more you eat, the larger you get and the better your chances of survival. But remember, there will always be some larger player lurking around waiting to gobble you for lunch. Get ready to play online with players from around the world and try to outdo everyone by becoming the biggest cell in the world. For those who are familiar with on the PC, this mobile version brings you the same fun experience except now it comes with exclusive new touchscreen controls. Simply move your finger to move your character. Play online in a free-for-all action that promises to keep yourself endlessly engaged. Use a host of tactics and special skills like splitting, shrinking and dodging to catch other players or to escape and prevent them from devouring you. And if you want to add your personal touch to your cell, you can choose from several unique skins or even give it a quirky, competitive name. Think you can survive this simple yet complicated game? Go on and give it a try.

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