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MICO - Stranger Random Chat, Goodbye to Loneliness

😍Instantly match random live chat to meet new people and global live stream😍


Don’t hesitate to take an action and join MICO, the most popular and interesting social networking app in more than 100 countries! MICO is a global live streaming and random stranger live chat platform provides interesting live streams, full of surprises with random stranger chats, funny photos and short videos, and group live chat. With real-time translation, you can chat with strangers all over the world without any language barrier, find a new friend and meet new people in MICO! Main Features in MICO: 🔥Random Stranger Chat: Meet new people and chat with strangers -Pick an instant match by swiping left or right, meet strangers accurately and fast. Randomly chat with strangers and talk to real girls nearby or worldwide. -Once you match someone, you will go to the chat room, then with messages, voice, and video, you can chat with strangers. 🔥Live Stream: Go live and watch live stream whenever you want -Watch the live stream and enjoy a video live. Tons of talented broadcasters from more than 100 different countries are gathered in MICO. They broadcast thousands of exciting live shows every day. Filter live streams based on your interests or countries. -1 touch to go live. Dancing, singing, talk show, online game, no matter what talent you have, MICO will be the biggest stage for you to live, everyone can be a star in MICO. New beautiful stickers and filters make you cuter, more beautiful and more confident in the video chat and live stream. 🔥Group Live Chat: Voice or video live chat with more people -The more people, the more fun the video chat will be. Join a group chat room and start a voice or live chat party with strangers, make friends and have fun with beautiful girls and handsome guys. -Create a group video chat room, invite friends via video call to live chat with you or wait strangers enter to live room, live chat or voice chat with them, meet more interesting people. 🔥2v2 Video Live PK: New upgrade of traditional Live PK mode -2v2 Live PK is not only the live stream competition between broadcasters but also with the audience. A broadcaster can invite a friend to start a 2v2 live PK, the loser will accept the lovely punishment. Come and enjoy a funny live PK. 🔥World Travel: Meet fresh faces around the world -MICO takes you to travel to every corner of the world to meet new people, pick a popular city or match a random city to meet strangers. Make friends and chat with people from different places. -Use filter tags to find the people you share an interest with to chat and meet. 🔥Share moments: Enjoy the fun with friends or people nearby -By sharing photos and short videos on moments you will catch strangers eyes around you and will increase your chances of dating and chatting with strangers nearby. 🔥Real-time Translation: No barrier in stranger chat -Click the translation button to easily break the language barrier in random stranger chat and make friends from other countries. Tips for finding more fun in MICO: ❤️Upload more profile and photo will increase the opportunity of matching strangers around the world. ❤️Share more moments will attract more nearby people to interact with you. ❤️Match random chat is the best way to meet new people. Don’t be shy, use emoji and real-time translation to talk with strangers from other countries. ❤️Attractive topic tags and unique live shows will make you more famous and popular. ❤️You will find a lot of interesting people and stories in moments. Comment below the moment what you are interested in will help you meet more interesting people. Your questions and feedback are always welcome! Please drop us a line: Email: contact@micous.com Twitter: http:twitter.commicoapp Instagram: https:www.instagram.commicoteam Facebook: https:www.facebook.commicoapp https:www.facebook.commicoapp.english https:www.facebook.commicoapp.indonesia

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