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CleverBook for Minecraft 1.15

CleverBook 📕 is the perfect guide and companion app for every Minecraft fan!


CleverBook is the most comprehensive guide for Minecraft and offers everything a player needs. It offers quick access to information about every block, recipe and much more content of the popular indie pc game "Minecraft" by Mojang. CleverBook is your first-choice companion app if you need help surviving in your own world or with friends on a multiplayer server. Features: • Information about every single block/item • Mobs, biomes, enchantments, potions, redstone circuits, commands, advancements and more • Search functionality and filters • Server list to check your favorite servers • Latest information and news • Optional dark theme • 8 languages to choose from for all names NOT OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PRODUCT. NOT APPROVED BY OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG

PEGI Rating: PEGI-3





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