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Avakin Life

Meet new people and chat with friends in the largest 3D simulation game.


Build a whole new fun life in Avakin Life – 3D virtual world. You can do it all in this game. Create a whole character, build a home and meet other people. Create real bonds and make new friends in this amazing 3D simulator game. Think of this game as your second life. Design your character from the ground up: clothes, looks, personality. Go shopping; there are thousands of cool outfits and accessories to buy. Get new haircuts and stylish tattoos. Become a fashion designer or a super model. Imitate real life or let your creativity go wild! Imagine and build your dream apartment. Make it as big or small as you wish it be and fill it with all kinds of furniture and gadgets. Put your designing skills to the test. Your friends will come over to visit, so make sure it’s a neat place! Speaking of friends, this game is all about meeting new people and chatting with them! There are millions of people playing the game, so you’re sure to meet a lot of cool people from all around the world! Make friends or go on dates and find true love! Show your new friends around, give them a tour through your creations and show them all the cool stuff you have. Explore all kinds places together, like clubs and beaches, and see all the awesome outfits and brands the game world has to offer. Explore a whole new world, meet amazing new friends and build the perfect life from the ground up in the awesome Avakin Life – 3D virtual world.

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