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<b>BlackPlayer is an Elegant, very smooth music player for Android with great audio quality. Designed to be lightweight, responsive and to support a l... Read More


<b>BlackPlayer is an Elegant, very smooth music player for Android with great audio quality. Designed to be lightweight, responsive and to support a large audio library. Contains no disturbing ads.<b> <b>Features <b> - Ad-free, Minimalistic, easy to use and very customizable music player. - Supports standard local audio files, such as mp3, ogg, wav and aac - Flac is supported on Android 4.0+ - 5-band EqualizerDSP, Bass-boost and 3D Surround virtualizer. - Gapless playback. (4.1+) - Build in ID3 Tag editor - 3D Transition effects. Similar to your home launcher app. (8 different) (Android 3.0+ only) - Weekly most played tracks! - Full control from the lockscreen and support for external media remote controls. - 4x1 and 4x3 minimalistic resizeable widgets - 6 fonts and 3 Themes. - Auto and manual download missing HD Album covers. (See screenshots) - Excellent Playlist support. Rename, delete, edit and batch add music to Playlists with ease. - Swipe to remove Queue and Playlist tracks. Drag and drop to re-order. - Excellent tablet support. - Search- and headset-button support. - Bluetooth A2DPAVRCP auto start support. - Display Albums and Artists as a List or Grid. - LastFMLibreFM music scrobbling. - Custom big (4.1+) and small (4.0+) notification. - Gestures in Now Playing page, swipe down for next track, swipe up for previous track. - Special immersive mode with navigation and system bars hidden. (Android 4.4+) - Loudness Enhancer, boosts music player audio volume (Android 4.4+ only) - Sleep Timer - View Embedded ID3 Lyrics. - Black & White themed with flat design principle. Material design ready for Android 5.0 users. - Track queue autosaving. - Suitable to AMOLED displays due to the use pure black color. Support the indie development of BlackPlayer Music player by buying the Exclusive (EX) version for extra features such as Visualizer, Crossfading, Folder view, extra themes and extra customizations.

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