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Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in Bohemia

iClassics unites the old and the new to create immersive experiences that inspire and move everyone. Serving as a departure from iClassics Production... Read More


iClassics unites the old and the new to create immersive experiences that inspire and move everyone. Serving as a departure from iClassics Production's famed focus on terror and horror, this Immersive Entertainment app is a feature-length artistic and technological rendering of Arthur Conan Doyle's masterpiece, A Scandal in Bohemia. In this innovative Immersive Entertainment app, the legendary detective tale is lovingly and artistically enhanced with interaction, illustration, animation, FX, and OST. By casting a modern glare on A Scandal in Bohemia, the result is a spectacular and wholly original experience that utilizes every feature of modern mobile devices (gyro-perspective, flash, vibration), giving users the sensation that they are helping Sherlock solve the mystery. TILT to find hidden clues TOUCH to uncover essential details TURN to discover what is hidden at first site Sherlock Holmes is a literary creation that transcends his epoch and even his creator, existing as a legend in the minds of everyone, even those who have not even read any of Arthur Conan Doyle's fine works. With the lovingly constructed enhancements for which iClassics Productions has become famous, this feature-length Immersive Entertainment app offers the modern reader the possibility of experiencing the legend of Sherlock Holmes in a wholly original way. ▶ APP FEATURES: Main features: - An hour of interactive stories. - Available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. - 1 short story in 3 chapters. More than 50 illustrations, 65 animations and 70 interactive pages. - Illustrated by Jordi Solano and directed by David G. Forés. - Over 25 minutes of Original Soundtrack by Miquel Tejada. - Extras. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle biography and Sketchbook by Jordi Solano. - Original tale from the writer – no cuts, no adaptations. Additional features: - Jump to any page in the book with our handy table of contents. - Page Memory. Leave the app at any moment, and come back to the same page. - Easy to use interface ▶ ABOUT ICLASSICS EDUCATION: An Innovative Tool to Encourage Reading Habits, Appreciation & Skills. iClassics brings classical literature to life in a way that has never been done before. Our cutting-edge, immersive reading experiences make the Classics more appealing and accessible to students. Combining artistic tools (literature, illustration and music) with new technologies, we’ve created a medium to truly connect with today’s young readers. » Providing classical literature in a format that connects with today’s young adults » Facilitates good Reading Habits » Improves Reading Comprehension » Encourages Analytic Skills and Critical Thinking Capabilities » Ignites Creativity and Imagination Access to an easy and intuitive a control panel, with statistics to help teachers monitor student progress in real time. The Immersive Reading Apps are accompanied by a set of original resources, specially designed for each tale. Discover them at ----------------------------------------------------------------- Please SHARE YOUR REVIEW below. We'd Love To Hear From You! - Need tech support? Contact us at - Say hello to us on FB!

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