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Smoke & Glass Icon Pack

The motives float in smoke-filled glass orbs with photorealistic reflections.


I had an idea about doing an icon set with smoke and glass. It's been a while underway, because (much like my Freehand efforts), these icons take absolutely forever to make, but I personally think it's been worth the effort! The icons are individually crafted to look like the essence of each app floating in smoke-filled glass orbs, complete with photorealistics reflections. My wife thinks they look like those old school glassy marbles with threads of paint in them. I see her point. Whatever they look like, the do look great, and I'm happy to share the result with you all :-) I'm also using masking and shaders to make sure that *all* the icons have a consistent appearance. As is customary, there's a pretty dashboard (Candybar), a couple of wallpapers, links to my social media presences and various interesting online resources. There's also a fairly robust IconRequest feature and a bunch of cool wallpapers hosted on my server. And, of course, . Supported launchers include most of the ones you would expect - these are supported to various degrees. The big ones work well, others may or may not work. Stock launchers typically don't support icon packs. - Install the app and open it. - Select your launcher to apply the icon pack. - Swipe left/right to navigate between tabs/pages. - Select "Wallpapers" to check out and apply one of the cool wallpapers. If you have requests for apps for me to theme, please use the request feature within the app. If you have problems or issues that require support, , please email me at If you have funny insights or anything else (constructive) you'd like to share with me, please email me at or reach out via Twitter or Google+ (links are in the app) I support/communicate with you through the Play Store. I typically don't read reviews, and depending on your region or language, I might not even be able to see your comments.

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