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textPlus: Free Text & Calls

FREE SMS Texting, Picture Messaging, Calls and Voicemail. Unlimited!


Don’t ever miss the opportunity to send a text or call your friends! The textPlus: Free Text & Calls app allows you to get in touch with all your friends without even needing phone service. How so? You can text any number in the US and Canada or call anyone in the world using a real phone number. Completely free, you can use a phone number of your choice and you can send unlimited sms, mms, group messages to anyone in the US or Canada. You have two ways of calling who you want. You can either use ad-supported calls, or use a cheap local and international calling service. It’s up to you, so you are in charge. textPlus: Free Text & Calls is the only app in the market that allows you to do all this without any hassle and uses a very simple interface so even the most inexperienced user can take advantage of it. The app also saves your chat and call history, so you don’t need to worry about losing your conversations, because we have got you covered. The best perk about this textPlus: Free Text & Calls? It will save you a lot of money, because not only is the app free and it provides unlimited free inbound calling and calls, so you can get in touch with those you love at any time, as many times as you want. You will encounter some ads when using the app. To make sure we can provide this service for free, we have to include some advertisement along the way, however, we do have a subscription plan for those who want to remove the ads for a set fee. Want to know more? Then download textPlus: Free Text & Calls now and start chatting!

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