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Modern Strike Online

Competitive online FPS shooter with 3D graphics. Shooting games!


Perfect for those who love counter strike-type games! Modern Strike Online: battlefield sniper shooting is here and promises to bring you all the glory of counter strike and counter terrorists games. Completely free, you just have to download the app to try out this Android game. The game was designed having the gamer’s needs in mind and comes with modern graphics and is optimised for every device, which means it will perform even if you don’t own a brand new or latest model. You can play online against others in multiplayer mode and be a part of incredible battlefields. Modern Strike Online: battlefield sniper shooting allows you to win prizes and free items by logging in daily, so make sure you don’t miss the bonus EXP and Credits time. You will have access to 14 different maps so that you can try out strategies and discover what’s the best way to tackle your enemies’ weaknesses. There are 6 combat modes which allow you to create your own rules for you and your friends, resulting in a brand new game tailored for you! Besides that, you can choose between more than 70 weapons from guns to pistols and grenades, so you can customise your weapons and skins to create your own style. This feature also allows you to change your weapons’ colours and get different options so you are 100% prepared. Modern Strike Online: battlefield sniper shooting’s gameplay is fairly easy to understand. There are several modes, such as Deathmatch (both individual and team), Bomb mode, Hardcore mode or Team Squad among many others. Get to know all the features by downloading the app and start battling!

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