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Nowadays there are several formats for video and audio, which sometimes aren't compatible with other devices. With the MP3 Video Converter app long are the days of having to use a computer do change you file's format and wasting time doing so. With this app, you won't need to wait to get home to resize, convert or trim your files, whether they're videos or audios, because you will have a converter always with you. Use MP3 Video Converter to convert a file exactly how you want and save time doing so. To convert your file, you need to download the app and upload it. Use the seek bar if you want to trim the video and select the bit you want. Then, select if its a video or audio and choose the format you're looking for. You can choose between different types of videos, such as MP4, 3GP, WEBM, WMV, FLV, among other; as well as different types of audio which include, for example, MP3, AAC, OGG. After choosing the format, you can go ahead and change the file's information. You can edit its title, artist and album name, and then choose which bitrate you want. Finally, hit the ‘save as' button and give your file a name and select your folder. Click the convert button and you're all set!

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