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Christmas in HD Gyro 3DXL

We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you... 3D!

Description: (no ads, no permissions required, simple and honest :-) Wonderful 3D scene showing a branch of a Christmas Tree On the branch sits a peacefully shining candle You can customize the type and color of the decoration of the tree Choose from 9 colorful moody background images Real dynamic lens blur effect! Incredible using sensors: works with Parallax strength and sensor type (gyroscope or accelerometer / compass) can be adjusted HD resolution textures, made for tablets (but works on phones as well, of course)! This is the of the live wallpaper. If you want to try the first, please have a look at my other apps. The Free-Version is also , but if you want to support me and get some extra features, buy this one :-) Hint: Try it once with one eye closed while viewing the live wallpaper. It's surprising but then the 3D effect is even more impressive. OK. That's all. I hope you enjoy it! Peace :-) Alex

PEGI Rating: PEGI-3


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