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Pedometer - Accupedo

★★★ Google Play selects Accupedo pedometer as 2014 Best 30 Apps at Google Play Store in Japan and Korea. [Dec. 2014] "Accupedo Pedometer Widget made ... Read More


★★★ Google Play selects Accupedo pedometer as 2014 Best 30 Apps at Google Play Store in Japan and Korea. [Dec. 2014] "Accupedo Pedometer Widget made good walking buddies in our last tests." [Washington Post] "Among cellphone apps the Accupedo pedometer widget for Android phones had the top spot." [LA Times] Accupedo is a pedometer that accurately counts your steps. With easy to read charts and daily logs, monitor your steps, calories burned, distance, and time. As your best walking buddy, Accupedo will motivate you to walk more! Set up your daily goal and step towards a healthier you with Accupedo! An intelligent 3D motion recognition algorithm is embedded to track only walking patterns by filtering and ejecting out non walking activities. Accupedo counts your steps regardless of where you put your phone like your pocket, waist belt, or bag. Be healthy by setting up your daily goal and accurately monitoring your steps with Accupedo. ++++ ATTENTION ++++ Your phone may not compatible with Accupedo. Some phones do not support the G-sensor in sleep (Standby, when screen is OFF) mode by those phone manufacturers. This is not a defect of this app. ++++ Features ++++ - The intelligent algorithm starts tracking after 10 consecutive steps, then stops and restarts automatically as you walk. - Charts: Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly step counts. - Daily log history: step counts, distance, calories, and walking time. - Power usage mode options for efficient power saving. - Customized personal settings: sensitivity, metric/english, step distance, body weight, daily goal, etc. - Customizable widget display modes: steps, distance, minutes, calories, and lap. - Concise widget display on home screen: 1x1, 2x1, 3x1, and 4x1 - Database backup: SD-Card and Google Drive. - Share daily log on SMS, messenger, email, etc. - Sync with MyFitnessPal. - Email a daily log file. ++++ Notes ++++ - It performs best when the phone is on your waist belt. - Step count may not be accurate if you put your phone in loose fit pants due to the random movement your phone makes in the pocket. - The sensitivity of a phone can be different from others. So, choose a sensitivity level that works best for your phone. - Help and FAQ are built in the app.

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