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SOCIAL Chat Anonymously is a chat application which allows you to chat anonymously.


Let people chat with you anonymously! Want a new, free, and anonymous way to meet people and get to know them online? Use the app to create a profile, chat with friends, and meet new people from all over the world, completely safely. A BRAND NEW SOCIAL NETWORK Set up your profile with your photo and a little bit of information about yourself. Then get a special anon link that you can share on Facebook and Twitter to invite people to connect with you. Once you share your profile, people can chat with you with a nickname that hides their identity. And you can find people to chat with while hiding your identity as well. Follow your favorite friends to stay connected to them and to be notified when they're online and available for chatting. MESSAGING THAT'S FAST & FREE FOR INDIVIDUALS & BUSINESSES Start chatting with people you already know, as well as people you want to meet. Even celebrities, experts, and specialists are found on, so you can chat with them too! Ask questions or share your secrets. Plus, businesses can use the app to get information from their customers to improve their products and services. FEATURES: • Connect with friends and follow them to chat! • Use the Shuffle feature to see who's online and available for chat: a perfect way to meet new people without giving away your identity! Start to enjoy free random chat. Just say hi to anyone. • Create your own profile and receive a special link that you can share! • Share secrets, confessions or gossip! • Confess your feelings, thoughts, emotions and secrets freely. Your confessions remain anonymous. • Meet random foreign people, talk to friends, gossip freely and enjoy free chat. Download the app today and join the world's newest social media network that's transforming the way people meet and interact online!

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