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Optimal application to read Holy QuranSponsored by Tafsir Center


Ayah is a full-featured Quran app that is beautiful and easy to use, the winner of the Kuwait International Prize for the best Quran app, brought to you by Tafsir Center for Quranic Studies. ● The Best Quran Reading Experience ●‬ ‪Enjoy the most crisp and clear text of the Quran in the original Uthmani font.‬ ‪● Distraction Free ●‬ ‪Immerse yourself in the text with a clean, distraction-free interface.‬ ‪● Speed ●‬ ‪Ayah is fast and reliable so you always have a comfortable reading experience.‬ ● Recitation ● Gapless verse by verse recitation by select reciters with full support for background playback, number of repetitions, and sleep timer. ‪● Search ●‬ ‪Search the entire Quran with instant results, or jump to a specific page by entering its number. ‪● Track Your Khatmah ●‬ ‪There is only one bookmark that moves from a verse to another to help you easily track your progress.‬ ‪● Favorites ●‬ ‪Favorite as many verses as you'd like for quick access.‬ ‪● Notes ●‬ ‪Capture your thoughts while reading the Quran.‬ ‪● Share What You Read ●‬ ‪With a few taps you can share a verse or multiple verses as text or an image in the beautiful Uthmani font.‬ ‪● Night Mode ●‬ Try Night Mode for easier nighttime reading.

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