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Manual Electrical Circuits.


The reference book contains information about electric circuits and its elements. In a simple electric circuit there should be a source of movement of electrically charged particles, which is called an electric current. In other words, the electric current must have its own pathogen. Such a current pathogen, referred to as a source (generator), is a component of an electric circuit. An electric current can cause effects of a different nature in principle; for example, it makes incandescent bulbs glow, activates heating devices and electric motors, and a wiring plan. All these devices and devices are commonly called electric current receivers. Since current flows through them, that is, they are included in the electrical circuit, the receivers are also elements of the circuit. An electric circuit is a set of devices designed to pass an electric current. The circuit is formed by energy sources (generators, grounding), energy consumers (loads), energy transfer systems (wires). Electric current can only flow through the closed theory of electrical circuits. An open circuit anywhere causes a cessation of electric current. All electrical receivers are characterized by electrical parameters of electrical equipment, among which the main ones are wiring diagrams, voltage and power. The contents of the reference: -electronics -scheme chains Electrician calculations Symbols in electrics electrical wiring -help drawing of electrical circuits, electrical calculations

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