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This LITE version is a FREE 15 page sample of the full graphic novel. EARTH 2717: THE 3RD GOLDEN AGE. Building a better tomorrow today… The planet we... Read More


This LITE version is a FREE 15 page sample of the full graphic novel. EARTH 2717: THE 3RD GOLDEN AGE. Building a better tomorrow today… The planet we call home slowly dies beneath us. Most humans now live in teeming surface “Terrarium Cities,” off world colonies or orbiting space stations. All of earth’s resources have been depleted. All corporations, nations and technologies have merged into THE CONGLOMERATE. ANOMALY the Interactive Graphic Novel. Combines animation and interactivity to create a multimedia experience of unparalleled proportions. - 300 Page Epic Sci-fi/Fantasy Story - Over 1500 Panels of Art with Animation - 3 and Half Hours of Professionally Voice Acted Audio - Over 175 Informational Touch Points to learn the story behind the story - 2 Different reading modes Far beyond any book or eBook, the ANOMALY APP lets YOU choose how YOU want to enjoy this groundbreaking work that’s setting the publishing world on fire! At the heart of this adventure is a cast of 15 actors, drawn from FILM, TELEVISION and VIDEO GAMES, lending their amazing voice talents to bring over 90 speaking roles to life! Discover more at *** FEATURING ACTORS YOU KNOW AND LOVE!!! ***Vincent Corazza, Olivia D’Abo, Dave Fennoy, Ryan Cooper, Nana Visitor, John Bentley, Hudson Leick, Richard Doyle, Lauren Storm, Joseph Culp, Anthony Cistaro, David Lodge, Molly Hagan, Keith Szarabajka & Vic Polizos. Don’t just take our word for it. IMDB them! *** MORE BACKSTORY CONTENT THAN MOST BOOKS HAVE AS THEIR MAIN COURSE!!! *** Over 175 TOUCHPOINTS bring an ADDITIONAL 100 PAGES of back story to life with DOZENS of ORIGINAL PAINTED IMAGES, SKETCHES and INTERACTIVE 3D MODELS! *** HAVE THE BOOK “ACTED OUT” TO YOU…WITH FULL VOICEOVERS!!! *** A Graphic novel is nice. A Graphic novel that reads to you with movie-level voice acting is what previous generations could only dream of in their wildest fantasy! That dream is now REALITY! This is much more than “book-on-CD” type narration. This is “digital books” done in a way you’ve NEVER experienced before! Explore each gorgeous panel at your leisure. Go ahead. We can wait… Panels move in ways no static page ever could. Simply tap when you’re ready to move on. *** LET THE BOOK PLAY LIKE A MOVIE!!! *** Sit back and relax… Auto-play will “act out ANOMALY for you” without any additional input. Don’t want the letters in the way? Turn them off! This is as close as any graphic novel gets to a theater experience without being fully animated!

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