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Get a FREE world leading Swedish prediction & auto-correction package by ai.type


★★★ With over 50 million downloads, aitype Keyboard is now available in Swedish as well ★★★ (ai.type Keyboard can be found in : replaces your default Android keyboard with a powerful, fully customized keyboard! keyboard enables next word prediction, completion, correction, spelling and grammar check as you type. It includes built in emoji support ( and hundreds of themes, It’s among the 10 leading productivity apps in over 35 countries. Download this FREE Swedish dictionary pack to use it with your Keyboard. You’ll be able to type much faster with our world leading next word prediction, completion and correction self learning technology. The ai.type Keyboard makes a perfect tool that learns your typing patterns then predicts and corrects your typing- as you type. Try it out now for FREE! After installing the Swedish dictionary pack, open your ai.type Keyboard settings menu from the ai.type application or by long clicking the menu button on your ai.type Keyboard (bottom left area) then press “languages”. Inside languages, please select Swedish under the ‘Installed’ section. Once installed, you can switch between languages by swiping the Space key right or left from your keyboard. Please rate our Swedish language pack on Google Play if you liked it! (-: The Swedish language pack requires ai.type Keyboard Plus or Free (

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