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Professional weather & community for kite, sailing, surfing and fishing!


Wind, waves and weather forecast app for surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers and sailors. We are 1’500’000 users community always in search of wind. WINDY has all must-have parameters for kitesurfing, windsurfing, fishing, sailing, surfing etc. Only WINDY provides you up-to-date weather forecast worldwide. FEATURES: ✅ Detailed wind and wave forecast for surfing, kiting or any other activity. ✅ Animated wind tracker: weather radar for sailing, yachting and kiting in light wind ✅ Local forecast: weather data for the next 10 days with 1 or 3 hours step in knots / beaufort / mps. Nearby weather stations with observed forecast. ✅ Wind alerts: get notified and catch the best wind at your favourite spots. ✅ Weather models: NAM, GFS, NOAA, ICMWF, ICON ✅ Metric, imperial or custom units: m/s, mph, kph, kt, bft, C, F, K, hPa, inHg, mmHg, km, mile, nautical miles, meters, feet ✅ Tides, wind and swell (for seas and oceans) at a glance on one screen. ✅ Spots: more than 30 000 spots. Customizable list of favourite spots ✅ Chats on spots: share info about weather conditions and wind direction in the chat from a kite spot. ✅ Second Hand: you can easily buy or send different stuff from people on your spot. ✅ Community: exchange weather reports on the spot. Want to be a local/spot leader? Email us the name of your spot at feedback@catchwind.coand we will create a chat for it. ✅ Precipitations: precipitation map and data. Be prepared if rain comes! AIR WEATHER DATA: • Wind direction • Wind speed • Wind gusts • Air temperature • Atmospheric pressure (mean sea level) • Relative humidity • Clouds • Precipitation (rain, snow) • Wind map MARINE WEATHER DATA: • Swell • Swell size • Swell period • Tide (Tidal charts in MSL, MLLW in plans) • Storm PERFECT FOR: • Kitesurfing (kitesurf) • Windsurfing (wind surf) • Surfing • Sailing • Yachting • Paragliding • Fishing • Snowkiting • Skydiving • Kayaking • Wakeboarding • Cycling • Hunting (hunt) • Golf We want to make the best weather forecast app for fishermen, yachtsmen and all other wind-addicted! Already a Windy fan? FOLLOW US ON: Facebook: Twitter: Any questions, feedback or business inquiries? CONTACT US: via email: or visit our website: Like Windy app? Rate it and recommend to your friends! Let the wind force be with you!

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