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Recently featured in Fox News: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> ✔ Only Call Blocker in market that blocks text messages & outgoing calls ✔ Over 40 thousand active users ✔ 500,000 community-shared black list numbers ✔ Pattern matching (example: block everyone except area code 555) ✔ Privacy settings with password protection ✔ Forward calls to other number at given times Enhanced Features: • Block unknown & private numbers • Community-Shared black list (now close to a half million numbers as of Jan 2012) • Call Forwarding • Group entries by time and day • Auto-reply to blocked text messages • Password protected • Read deleted messages Free Features: • Black & White call filter • Block Incoming phone calls • Block Text Messages (SMS & MMS) • Pattern match like 1800* • Restrict Outgoing calls • Hung up, silence or send to voice mail • Automatic data backup & recovery Community-Shared blocking =============== Automatically block numbers other people have already blocked through this app. Choose the sensibility level and let the app do the rest. Call Forwarding =============== Allows to forward all incoming phone calls to a given number. Combine this feature with groups to forward all calls on a given time and day of the week. Mute first ring =============== keeps the phone ring muted all the time except when an incoming non-blocked call comes. Block calls during meetings =============== You can customize via filters during which meetings in your Google calendar should the Call Blocker app block incoming calls. Block incoming text messages =============== Uses the same rules specified for incoming calls to prevent SMS messages from being saved (Note: to prevent SMS notifications you should disable notifications from your Messaging app) Automatic notification of incoming missed calls =============== An icon on the notifications area will show up when an incoming non-blocked call is either missed, or manually hung up. When you click on the icon, the app gives you the option of blocking it. Choose among different blocking options =============== Hang up will literally hung up the call and prevent caller from leaving a voicemail; silence phone will mute the call and the caller could leave a voicemail (if you have it active); send to voicemail will immediately take the caller to your voicemail. Disclaimer: the hang up feature might not work on some phone models and will default to send call to VM. Add full or partial numbers or names =============== For instance if you want to block all 1800 numbers, simply enter 1800; or if you want to block all calls from an agency that shows up in you caller id as 'collectors', you can block it by entering this name manually in your blocked calls list. Add entries from different sources =============== Including your contacts, your call history, specific days and time, or manual entry App widget ========== Place an app Widget in your home screen to turn on or off the call blocker Call history ============ Shows blocked text messages and phone calls Personalization =============== Multiple personalization options in preferences section ✉ Please contact us for any issues, questions or ANY feedback: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> ✔ In case the app doesn't work in your phone PLEASE let us know and we can set filters in the Android Play Store to prevent others with the same phone to install it. ✔ If you paid for the app and you are not fully satisfied with it for any reason we will issue a full refund if app was purchased the same day. Want a free full version license? Give us a 5-star rating with comments in the Android Play Store, then email us to <a href=""></a> with your Gmail address and a reference to your comment. Please be patient as we have to process these requests manually, we'll notify you once we activate the app for you. (Limited time offer)</br></br> </br></br> </br></br> </br></br> </br></br> </br></br> </br></br> </br></br> </br></br> </br></br> </br></br> </br></br> </br></br> </br></br></br></br></br></br></br> </br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br> </br></br></br></br></br>

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