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Habbo - Virtual World

Make friends, build and express yourself in a role play virtual world of Habbo


Step inside a completely new world with this animated app! Habbo - Virtual World will take you to a whole different world, made of pixels where you will have the chance to chat, role play, craft and trade goods without even having to leave your house! Every time you play will be different from the previous one so you can expect a new experience each time, meaning you won’t get bored and will be involved in the game for hours. The app was created specially for Android devices, which means that you will be able to take your friendships and creations always with you, right on your phone or tablet. You will take part in live events no matter where you are and you will also be able to step inside this virtual world and role-play on the move. Habbo - Virtual World is even funnier thanks to its stunning graphics, full of pixel art and a huge community of other players, including 3 million people from all over the world, all brought together in an immersive virtual world. You will have the opportunity to customise your looks nub choosing from different fashion lines, changing clothes and personalize them to fit your taste perfectly. The app is free to play, however please note that you require an internet connection to play and you may encounter in-app purchases which you can buy with real money. Want to experience Habbo - Virtual World by yourself? Download it now and may the fun begin!

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