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Astrosoft Gujarati Panchang

Astrosoft Panchang accurate calculation as per Vedic Astrology


Astrosoft Panchang is based on Indian Vedic method and calculation's are accurate and calculated accordingly to selected city. Astrosoft Panchang provides following salient Features :- * All details of the day - Sunrise and Sunset, Moonrise & Moon set, Tithi, Month, Nakshatra, Yoga & Karan, Rasi etc. * Planet Position, Lagna Table & Hora Table * Sunrise Chart in South North Eastern style * Important Times - Choghadiya, Hora, Rahukalam, Yama Ghantam, Guli Kalam, Dur Muhurt and Abhijit, Gowri Panchang, * Option to set Sun Lunar Month, Ayanamsa, Rahu Ketu Position * Option to set select city (choose from more than 50000 cities of the world) Note:- Some options require active Internet connection (Advt. Supported).

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