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Release Date: Friday, February 19, 2021

Version: 2.99.44g

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Late Update: Friday, February 19, 2021


Childhood is magical. It also goes by in a flash! Save and share each magical moment of it with Keepy. Preserve your “Keepy Moments” -- photos, artwork, schoolwork, mementos & more -- and enrich them with voice overs and videos -- so you and your loved ones can admire and cherish them forever...on the web, in email, on your smartphone and even as a photo gift. ♥ Upload photos of your children’s first day of school, lego creations, ticket stubs, report cards, artwork, schoolwork, coloring pages, missing teeth or anything else that you want to KEEP. (We call this a keepy.) ♥ Add your kid’s name, the date it was made, and descriptive tags to generate an organized timeline of childhood memories. ♥ Record your child telling you the story behind each keepy or record a story of your own. Preserve that cute preschool voice forever! ♥ Invite grandparents to be your kid’s “fan” and they’ll receive an email whenever you upload something new. Or, share specific keepies through social media. Keepy is as private as you want it to be! ♥ Encourage grandparents, loved ones (& yourself!) to leave voice, video or text comments so you and your kids can admire people’s loving reactions to their digital scrapbook, forever. ♥ Sync your keepies to dropbox to make sure they’re safe and sound in cloud storage. . Keepy is FREE to download and free to use forever. Keepy is a digital scrapbook. You upload your children’s artwork (paintings, drawings, coloring pages), school work (report cards, quizzes, certificates) and photos (firsts, pre-school graduation, family trips) to create a beautiful timeline full of memories. You can share all of the wonderful childhood memories stored in Keepy with grandparents or print them up into Shutterfly or Zazzle photo gifts It doesn’t take a lot of time to make a private interactive timeline out of your children’s photos, artwork, schoolwork and memories - it’s super quick & easy. If a preschooler comes home with a fantastic coloring page, mum or dad can simply snap a photo of it, upload it to their Keepy digital scrapbook and tag their child. Then, grandparents and loved ones will get an email with that coloring page in it and they can leave a comment on the coloring page to make it a richer, deeper, more emotional memory. If mum or dad is not a fan of clutter (who is a fan of clutter?), they can throw the coloring page away because it’s now enriched with grandparents love and is saved safely in our cloud storage. Keepy’s emotional timeline is as private as you want it to be. You can share some or all of your photos with grandparents - whatever works best for your family. You can share your children’s artwork, coloring pages, photos memories and more on social media too. We created Keepy to work for all families. You can change the settings in the Keepy digital scrapbook so they work for just for you. Childhood goes by super quickly! One day your child is a baby drinking from a bottle, then she’s a preschooler drawing on coloring pages and then...she’s graduating from college! That’s why we created Keepy - so you can preserve all of your families memories in a private, interactive timeline that you can share with grandparents and loved ones. And thanks to cloud storage, your memories will always be safe on the Keepy cloud so you can enjoy them now, later and forever!


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