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Published by: Alessandro Riperi

Genres: Documents

Release Date: Monday, October 26, 2020

Version: 3.7

Approximate Size: 10 MB

Late Update: Monday, October 26, 2020


Over 70,000 authors are already writing their next masterpiece using Novelist! Novelist is the app that helps you writing your novels. And it's completely free: no initial cost, zero advertising and no in-app purchases! Sounds ambitious? Yes, it is. We don't want you to conform to some framework or methodology. We want to provide you the best tools to plot, outline, organize and schedule your stories. Plot is when you list all the elements of your story, like on a board. Items can be edited, moved, merged, splitted, reordered and deleted. You can even set a status, write notes and texts or add tags, metadata and pictures to each item. Categories are completely customizable, as are metadata and statuses. Outline is when you put all the items together to compose scenes. Each scene is a piece of your story and can be annotated or written directly in our app! Organize is when you structure your scenes in acts, parts, chapters and so on. Your imagination is the limit. Schedule is when you set your goals: word count or due date. Advanced features: ▪ (NEW) Generate and use templates when creating new books ▪ Backup and restore with Google Drive ▪ Book compilation in EPUB, RTF or HTML format ▪ Complete book preview without leaving the application ▪ Rich text editor with format, counters and autosave ▪ Insert and review comments in texts ▪ View and restore previous text versions Stay tuned for further updates!


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