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Published by: hobDrive

Genres: Cars & Vehicles

Release Date: Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Version: 1.6.3

Approximate Size: 38 MB

Late Update: Tuesday, July 28, 2020


HobDrive is an intelligent Trip Computer and OBD2 diagnostic software. HobDrive uses your ELM327 vehicle adapter and GPS sensor to calculate and aggregate trip information. ELM327 (Bluetooth, Wifi based) is recommended (but hobdrive can run even with GPS data only). Please try and test hobDrive Demo with your vehicle before buying full version! On any issues please inform via support or forum: http://hobdrive.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=19 Not all vehicles are ELM327 and OBD2 compatible. Please refer our compat list: http://hobdrive.com/faq/obd2vehicles.html Vehicle sensors (ELM327 adapter required): - Supports OBD2 PIDs, manufacturer PIDS for Toyota, Toyota Prius, Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota JDM, Nissan - Supports Non-OBD2 vehicles: Delphi mr240 (Chevrolet), Delphi mt20u (Tiggo, china vehicles), Micas, Bosch, Yanvar 5/7 ECUs Enchanced engine diagnostics: - Permanent tracking for engine codes (warns you in trip), MIL codes explanation - Tracking for overheat and suspicious fuel trims increase Trip computer: - Total trip MPG, MPG on hot engine, MPG without idling/jams - MPG by Day, Week, since last fueling - Manual Trip A/B MPG Performance tools (available both in GPS and ELM327 modes): - Zero to Hundred, Quarter, Brake time, Horse power calculation, torque. Hybrid features: - Hybrid Toyota и Ford escape hybrid custom sensors - Real engine's MPG (w/o battery help) - Efficiency Trip planning: - Time and distance on current tank - Fuelings recording, MPG calculation from fueling records - Max and average speed on trip - Odometer (*estimated) Calculates MPG for practically all vehicle types: - Traditional MAF, MAP methods - Injector timing methods (Toyota, Chevrolet, Nissan, Tiggo) - Diesel vehicles supported! - ECU's builtin FC readings (Yanvar ECU) Flexible visual layouts: - Sensor view configuration (different gauges available) - Themes customization ☆☆☆☆☆ Please do not ask any questions here. Instead go to our forum or social network page. In case you have issues connecting your ELM327 adapter or vehicle, please contact us instead of just putting a low star. Owners of Mediatek MTK hardware - do an extensive testing before buying. This chipset is known to have very bad BT drivers causing many issues. Android 2.x users: latest version requires Android 3 and higher. Please contact us and we'll provide you with 2.x build. This is a Full payed HobDrive version, its main differences against demo: - Permanent error and warning conditions tracking and indication. - MPG tracking over different time intervals (day, week, etc) - Extended graphical gauges. - KWP protocols diagnostics. - Full featured work with fueling and service records. HobDrive requires some of your phone's permissions to function normally: - Bluetooth management (on/off) for ELM327 connection - Location updates for GPS based trip calculations - You log file access for debugging reports (while in beta) ☆☆☆☆☆ HobDrive also runs on CarPCs (Windows/Linux), car audio (WindowsCE), Windows Phone 8/10 and iOS. Read more on hobDrive and ELM327 adapters at http://hobdrive.com Follow us at http://facebook.com/hobdrive or http://vk.com/hobdrive Email us at support@hobdrive.com


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