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Published by: AutoDoc GMBH - Auto Parts Online Store

Genres: Cars & Vehicles

Release Date: Saturday, July 25, 2020

Version: 1.9.0

Approximate Size: 24 MB

Late Update: Monday, January 4, 2021


Monitor your fuel, oil, and car repair expenses, and keep track of vehicle maintenance with the free AUTODOC CLUB app. All the information you need, presented clearly and easy to understand – save time and money while keeping your car in good condition! AUTODOC CLUB app offers: • car log: a detailed repair, service, and maintenance history for your car; • a schedule of car service and part replacement based on mileage and/or date; • fuel log: a tool to monitor your car’s fuel consumption and fuel efficiency; • an easy way to save info about where you buy car parts, as well as about garages, petrol stations, and other companies you use for vehicle service; • detailed and comprehensive statistics of your car expenses in 4 categories; • 2500 video and PDF tutorials that will help you tackle any car problems yourself; • automatic reminders about upcoming repairs, service intervals, appointments, and deadlines: a visit to a garage or car wash, renewing your insurance, etc. • and much more! Advantages of the AUTODOC CLUB app: • completely free, without any ads or restricted functions • easy and convenient data entry • monitor expenses for several vehicles • no registration required • works offline • secure data storage • available in 22 languages • modern user interface • data backup • sync data between several devices easily Now you can manage your car expenses quickly and easily. The AUTODOC CLUB app offers numerous functions that will help you with this. Servicing and repairing your car has never been so simple! ➤ Dashboard: • update your mileage quickly; • check the latest entries on car repairs and expenses; • view reminders about upcoming maintenance. ➤ Car repairs and oil change history: • date and mileage when the repairs were carried out; • info on the car part changed: price, article number, photos; • garage name, contact information, and cost of services; • photos of receipts and different stages of the repair process; • your notes on repairs. ➤ Car servicing schedule: • recommendations with car part replacement intervals; • a list of the required spares, compiled specifically for your vehicle; • tips on servicing and inspection of your car. ➤ DIY repair tutorials: • over 2500 professional step-by-step PDF tutorials; • detailed video tutorials; • lifehacks and tips on car care and maintenance. ➤ Refuelling history: • where and when you refuelled; • fuel consumption rate calculations; • fuel consumption and refuelling statistics. ➤ Expense statistics: • total expense statistics and detailed information on every expense category; • graphs for comparing weekly and monthly expenses; • chart or grid view of the data; • flexible data filtering. ➤ Reminders: • plan your vehicle maintenance, car parts purchases, insurance renewal, and loan repayments; • set the reminder frequency by mileage and/or by date; • set priorities for reminders; • get push-notifications about upcoming car maintenance. ➤ My garage: • keep records for several vehicles; • keep photos of all important car documents in one place. Install the AUTODOC CLUB app now – your free online car expenses manager. This tool allows any motorist to store and organise important vehicle information in the most simple and efficient way.


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