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Published by: Ilevia officiel

Genres: Maps & Navigation

Release Date: Sunday, March 14, 2021

Version: 1.0.0

Approximate Size: 36 MB

Late Update: Sunday, March 14, 2021


ilévia facilitates and optimises your daily travel. Designed for the city of Lille, the ilévia app offers a wealth of services to simplify your daily travel and guide you across the network. Routes, schedules, traffic reports, guides for discovering the city’s districts... ilévia brings you all the solutions you need in one convenient application. Devised for you ! ilévia offers custom search facilities to plan your bespoke journey! Devised with you in mind, this application is a handy response to all your mobility requirements. The best route? Yours. Find the best routes for your journey by combining different transport modes (metro, tram, bicycle, on foot) to suit your needs and preferences for getting about. Complete with waiting times, available connections, travel distances, stops and your trip displayed on a map, you get all the information you need to travel smarter and track your trip’s progress. Bus, metro, tram… no more waiting! - View the next arrivals on your line in real time and store your favourite stops for easier searching. - Check traffic conditions on your lines and get constantly updated reports thanks to custom alerts. The right place at the right time Discover all the services within your vicinity (car parks, schools, etc.) as well as real-time availability of bike share services (V’lille). Buy and validate tickets with the M-Ticket service Do you have an Android smartphone (versions 5 to 9) with an Orange NFC SIM card, or a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 or newer? Then the M-Ticket service was made for you. Be one of the first to start using the M-Ticket service, and transform your phone into a travel ticket for the entire metropolitan area. Buy and validate your transport tickets with your smartphone How it works Buy your transport tickets for metro, tram and bus travel*. Validate them on the go – you don’t need to have a mobile signal, launch the ilévia app, or unlock your phone. *The M-Ticket service does not include V’lille or TER services. Fast Tickets are available for use as soon as you buy them in the ilévia app – perfect for season ticket holders, as well as occasional and last-minute travellers. Free The M-Ticket service is free to use. Have a great trip on the ilévia network!


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