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Published by: RoboBot Studio

Genres: Dating & Meetup

Release Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Version: 4.0.0

Approximate Size: 22 MB

Late Update: Tuesday, January 12, 2021


Relationship advice, love quiz, relationship compatibility, tips, love horoscope and much more! Everything you need to find real love or build a healthy relationship is available in your talking LoveBot, the Love Oracle. This virtual love advisor, using her voice can be your dating coach and love consultant which can help you with first date tips, couples therapy, relationship advice and marriage counseling. KEY FEATURES LOVE ADVISOR RELATIONSHIP ADVICE & DATING COACH Your dating expert can tell you relationship advice to learn how to get a girlfriend or a boyfriend. RELATIONSHIP COMPATIBILITY What zodiac signs go well together? Love Oracle can also provide you everything you need to test relationship compatibility using different calculators. LOVE HOROSCOPE Love Horoscope and relationship compatibility to learn about romance and matches between the signs. If you would like get a girlfriend or a guy to like you, it's important to know the zodiac signs compatibility chart. FLIRTY QUESTIONS & MESSAGES If you need help to express your feelings during dating, you can use the ultimate collection of text flirting lines and questions to ask a girl or boy available in LoveBot. LOVE QUIZZES This dating expert also offers you the best questions for couples and single to play. Some of your dating coach services, such as relationship compatibility and love horoscope are available for free, others love assistant tips can be obtained through the use of experience points (XP).


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