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Scanned By Norton.


Published by: Jined

Genres: Memes & Comics

Release Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Version: 2.09

Approximate Size: 25 MB

Late Update: Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Interactive pocket game with artificial intelligence engine Valentina is much more than a simple virtual girl, she has a real sophisticated artificial intelligence engine. Here a game inspired by the famous pocket character game with a sexy comic girl She is much more complex than a simple virtual girlfriend, responding with a standard sequence when you push a button. She looks for friendship, confidence, respect and communication. Do no run and take for granted the friendship with Valentina, she has feelings and emotions, and a status bar will indicate her moods. If you want she to get confident, you have to make she feel very happy, increasing her happyness level, at the same time, if she becomes too bored, she will not be ready to talk or play with you or doing anything. She has lot of user interaction, also able to do lots of funny things and lot of expressions. Please, respect also her energy, if she start feel tired, make activities for restoring her energy or she will no be confident with you anymore. Make connection, talk, make friendship.. and she will be more friendly with you.... just be rude, and exagerate with functions...she will get angry and will push the quit button by herself! legal notes: This software is provided as is as standard "EULA" agreement and follows developer content policy. (c) 2011 - Tecworks


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