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Published by: Sunny Kid Games

Genres: Parenting & Family

Release Date: Monday, July 27, 2020

Version: 1.18

Approximate Size: 14 MB

Late Update: Monday, July 27, 2020


"Learn Music & Songs Xylophone" is an entertaining game where children and adults can play music easily and simply. At the same time, they can learn together to play familiar songs by playing each one of them in different musical instruments such as xylophone, piano, flute and guitar. The wonderful Songs feature allows you to choose from a list of famous songs and play it automatically so that the child recognizes the melody, in turn gives you a visual guide indicating the sequence of notes you have to play to learn how to play the song. Learning, exploring, having fun, playing and creating new melodies is assured with this friendly and wonderful application that allows you to develop musical skills, generate enthusiasm, stimulate the imagination and creativity of children and parents. The game also has graphics, colors and drawings that invite the children to play and enjoy while they learn and develop. It is a useful and educational application. The application gives the possibility to change and to know as they sound the different musical instruments like the Piano, Xylophone, flute and guitar The smaller ones kids will also be able to develop memory, concentration, imagination and creativity, as well as motor, intellectual, sensory and speech skills. This game challenges the whole family to test the artist that everyone takes in and discover their musical talent. Encourage to compose and surprise! This game is a tool and an ideal complement for teachers who can use it to teach students different melodies, put them in touch with music, give fun classes and get to play their first songs by themselves feeling that they can create many more and encouraging them To continue learning music. BENEFITS OF MUSIC IN CHILDREN - Generates moments of enjoyment and happiness - It collaborates with the improvement of the abilities to listen and to memorize - Develop imagination and creativity - Stimulates the power of concentration - Positive for intellectual, motor, sensory and auditory development - Improves the speaking ability of the youngest - Music collaborates with the sociability of children MAIN CHARACTERISTICS - Totally free! No content blocked. - 4 Different instruments: xylophone, piano, flute and guitar - Songs: You can learn to play wonderful songs. The "Auto Play" mode plays the song so the child learns the melody. Then you can play it by yourself by following the help. - Auto play function to play the selected song. - Intuitive and very easy to use! Do you like our free app? Help us and take a moment to write your opinion on Google Play. Your contribution allows us to improve and develop new applications for free!


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