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Published by: Stardevelopers

Genres: Documents

Release Date: Saturday, November 28, 2020

Version: 1.0.28

Approximate Size: 7 MB

Late Update: Saturday, November 28, 2020


Easy Arabic Keyboard and Typing Arabic is unique Arabic language keyboard for Arabic learning, writing & chatting. Its autotext Arab language. You can use le clavier arabe to write text, emails, messages and Arabic quotes. English and Arabic keypad both works side by side. You can easily switch to Arabic Keyboard from English & vice versa. Easy Arabic keyboard and typing Arabic works in dual way. You can type in English as well as in latest Arabic Keyboard. Smart & unique Arabic English keyboards have a variety of features. It has Emojis and themes in different colors. Sometime emoji acts like words and your feelings. Auto text Arabic keyboards help you a lot while talking to Arab friends. Arabic keyboard typing with harakat has colorful wallpaper. How English Arabic Keyboards Works First Download and install this productivity keyboard Open Arabic keyboard app Go to Enabled Keyboard and select Arabic keyboard from virtual Keyboards option Go to Set Arabic Keyboard and select Arabic keyboard as your default keyboard. Now you can select General Keyboard Setting such as Auto completion and prediction. The latest Arabic language keyboard لوحة مفاتيح عربية مع الحركات is very unique & fast. The keypad view is simple & user friendly interface. Arbi keyboard is vastly used because it’s the purest language on the Earth. Arabic language tastatur is used when you have to write Arabic message in Middle Eastern countries or your friends. The key feature of Easy Arabic Keyboard and Typing Arabic are given below Use Both keypad English & Arabic Keyboards at same time All arbi qeda alphabets are available There are Built in Emoji in Le clavier Arabe Nice Graphical User Interface Variety of beautiful themes Auto predictor & converter in both English & arbi language Typing arabic and English in Nice and fast way The layout of English & Arabic keyboard typing is simple & easy to understand You can set Auto prediction in le clavier Arabe Vibrate, sound and built in key preview It’s the unique Arabic English Keyboard to communicate with friends. Arabic language learner can easily use to communicate in Emails and messages. It's simple Arabic keyboard with Harakat. AutoText arabe keypad has beautiful background and colorful interface. Easy Arabic keyboard and Typing Arabic obey completely policy privacy its hundred percent safe we do not save any keystrokes and personal Data. Enjoy using free Arabic Typing Keyboard. Keeping the fact that nothing is perfect we highly appreciate our customer to feedback and review for the improvement of the Easy Arabic keyboard and Typing Arabic. Feel Free to contact us at developer contact. Leave your valuable feedback & comments for our support.thank you


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