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Published by: Red Tree Hill LLC

Genres: Parenting & Family

Release Date: Thursday, December 31, 2020

Version: 1.3.7

Approximate Size: 20 MB

Late Update: Thursday, December 31, 2020


Install this App to link the devices and start winning again. Want to spend less time convincing your kid to do something other than use a screen? Want healthier, happier, less plugged in kids? We’ve got you covered. We are a smart parental control app that helps you create a chore chart using our main app and allows you to trade your child’s screen time with activities that you’d like them to do. We start with a simple assumption that parents have lost the war on entertainment technology, but with us, you can win this battle. Let’s face it, phones are here to stay and kids will always adapt to them. We allow parents to leverage the kid’s device by locking it until a chore list is completed. What separates us from others? >> Simplistic functionality >> Allocate screen time in exchange for completed home chores and activities >> In-App controls to lock your child’s device access >> Liberty to delegate tasks to your busy kid >> Control access to apps, websites and even Youtube videos >> Instant reports about apps used, time spent on games etc >> GPS installed to act as a kid tracker How it works: Download the main app on your device and this app on your child’s device(s). Then, link all devices together under your main account or ‘our home account’ and you are ready to start your chores and allowance tracking for all home chores and activities. Once you have allocated a task to your child, it will appear on your child’s screen. The child can then give you live updates about the status of their activity by clicking on ‘Start’ and ‘Complete’. The best part is that you will also receive proof of completion via an image or voice note and then you can allow your child to use their devices in peace. Also, if your child goes out somewhere, the location tracker in this app will be enabled and you will get updates about your child’s whereabouts, always. If you’d like to go a notch further on this parental control app, add rules to activities directly on your chore list. You can even get instant reports like screen time vs family time, were the kids inside or outside etc. The Purpose: Discipline: This parental control app has been especially created keeping the correlation between chores and allowance in mind. We have all grown up helping our parents and have been rewarded for it. Similarly, we want to teach our kids that screen time is like a reward and can be earned by finishing the home chores, homework or simple activities assigned to them. We don’t want to restrict a child’s access to the screen. We want to give it to them, just at a cost. Values: We not only want our children to learn how to appreciate things but also want them to be honest. This app is designed in a way that unless a child sends his parent proof of the completed activity, they can not earn their allowance of screentime. Healthy Kids: This chores app makes it extremely easy to schedule all activities that you have lined up for your kid. Simply add the task from the main app and encourage your kids to go to their soccer practice, play with their friends, take the pets for a walk and complete their homework, thus leading a balanced and healthy life. Security: We advocate allowing screen time for kids in return for house chores and activities completed but it's not an all access pass! The main app allows you to control the apps, websites and even Youtube videos that your kids can access. Isn’t that great! What’s more, this parental control app also comes with a GPS locator which acts as a kid tracker at all times. No need to pester your busy kid to share their location anymore. Just track their location with this app, sit back and enjoy your cup of coffee. So, if you also want to instill some discipline and correlation between chores and allowances to your children, download Saturday Morning Parent and Kid’s App right away and let’s make our homes more lively and our dishes put away!


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