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Published by: sabaiydev

Genres: Art & Design

Release Date: Monday, November 23, 2020

Version: 2.0.1

Approximate Size: 7 MB

Late Update: Monday, November 23, 2020


Background Eraser - photo Background Changer app allows you to change photo background, you can erase or remove any portion of the background and for making a pictures background transparent or as per you want super easy. This background eraser supports good collection of background themes, multiple tools to erase photo background and also photo effects, this is professional photo background eraser. This Background Eraser - photo Background Changer app supports multiple erase modes and Handy Tools like : 1. Auto erasing: This mode allows you to Touch and erase portions of image based on Color, Threshold and Texture. Use this for Fast Processing when background has similar colors 2. Manual: Allows you to Erase Manually by just using your finger as a brush. Use Offset for easy erase. 3. Lasso: Allows you to select an area to Cut by just drawing a closed loop 4. Restore : Allows you to restore erased areas. 5. Zoom : Zoom your picture for perfect cut 6. Undo/Redo Option for handling any mistakes. 7. Save your erased photos in JPG or PNG format 8. Share your creations on any social networking platform directly from the app. Cut Photos , Erase Backgrounds, Create Photo layers Superimpose and Photo Montages with this easy to use with Background Eraser - photo Background Changer app. Background Eraser - photo Background Changer come with beautiful background themes, you can even pick image from gallery and camera to set it as a background. Background Eraser - photo Background Changer also have colour option to set colourful background . Background Eraser - photo Background Changer supports below features: 1) You can select and cut Photos particular area of the image using this background remover. 2) Background Eraser - photo Background Changer supports adjustable brush to erase or remove particular portion of the image 3) Background Eraser - photo Background Changer supports good collection of themes and Images 4) Multiple erase tools to remove photo background - Auto Background Eraser , Lasso Mode, Manual Cut Paste Photo , Restore Functionality, Seamless Merge to other backgrounds. 5) Features a wide range of tools and options for removing image backgrounds ñ ex. crop, undo, redo, cursor offset, marker size, background repair, background color, smooth edges, etc. Background Eraser - photo Background Changer can be used for 1. Change background of your cutest photo 2. Teleport yourself (your photo) to different places 3. Create Family Photo Montages by creating Photo layers and Superimpose. 4. Family Photo Frames by superimposing all your loved ones photos. 5. Put all your Baby Milestone pics in One Photo 6. Merge your party Photo together and create a photo montage 7. Cut from photos and paste the content in other photos. 8. Create customized photo with animal, peoples, famous places, mountains photos, objects, beaches, rivers etc. 9. Cut the objects from photos and place them on different background. Create a new photos with this simple applications. 10. Create your own Library of Cut Photos and Create Awesome Photo Montages 11. Create Movie Posters 12. Superimpose photos and make good composite photos. .. and many more... Background Eraser is a free image background removal app. With this app, you can quickly remove the background of any image and use the extracted image as a stamp, collage, sticker, etc. You can also make transparent images with ease without having to rely on advanced image editing tools. Background Eraser - photo Background Changer is one of the best photo background erasing app. Download this top background changer app for free, and create some mesmerizing photos..


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