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A guide to read and analyze personality of people you talk to


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Release Date: Sunday, October 11, 2020

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Reading people is one of life’s unheralded pleasures, and a way to gain insight into the way other people live. When you have learned to read the people you meet, you will be able to associate more readily with them, since you will understand the direction from which they come. Once you can read people readily, you can then take the next step of understanding why people do the things they do. Good people sometimes do bad things, and it helps to comprehend why they do this. In addition, you will be able to read the various behavior patterns in people you meet, so that you know what to expect from people shortly after having met them. You may learn more about yourself, too. It includes: What You Need To Know Ask Yourself: Who are YOU as a person? What does the person you are “reading” say? Once you know what people usually look and act like You can make general assumptions based on people’s nature Take notice of cultural differences. Don’t be afraid to ask people why they feel the way they do. You can analyze to some degree by people’s appearance. Listen to what people say, without prompting or interfering. Watch what all types of people do. Direct and indirect people will be different to read. Allow your mind to merge with their mind. Zone in on lack of compassion or empathy. Improving your sign-spotting technique Dishonest people often blame others for things. People who want to cover themselves may use deception. Some people blame “the system” for their mistakes. If you want to get faster and more accurate at reading people Being overconfident about your skills Deception may leak through a person’s language. Watch for people who are too talkative. The Secrets of Observation Keep your eyes open for “red flags” when people talk. People may be verbally aggressive. You can read deception through personal traits. People who lie may anger more easily. People who are being deceptive may try to lower their heart rate. Focus on qualities beyond the most superficial ones. A wavering voice in a person’s statement may indicate deceit. Some deceitful individuals who seem like “regular people” are not what they appear to be. Excessive fidgeting or blinking are possible signs of lying, but they can also signal anxiety. Watch for people closing their eyes completely Watch the face for cues of discomfort or distress. Choice of words provides valuable insight into what people are thinking. People caught in deception may move their head rapidly. Honor your gut feelings. Read people's body language Take special note of people’s posture. Pay attention to people’s appearance. High levels of activity If a person is rubbing palms People may lean away from you when speaking, if they feel stressed out. When you have a chance to ask questions, you will want to be pointed, not vague. Feel the goosebumps when someone talks to you Summarize what people say and how they say it People may come across as self-absorbed. Notice the feel of handshakes, hugs and touches. If someone asks you a meaningless Sensing the speaker’s presence will help you to read them more accurately. Pay attention to flashes of insight Watch your speaker with intuitive empathy. Understand Why People do Certain Things + Tips on How to Recognize Different Personality Patterns


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