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Release Date: Saturday, July 25, 2020

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Used plastic bottles become items that we usually dispose of because they are useless, but could we ever think that plastic bottles can be useful and become useful items? Used plastic bottles are inorganic waste materials that are difficult to decompose, this is certainly not very wise if we just throw it away. It's good if we can juggle plastic bottles into something that is useful for ourselves or maybe for others. Among the various types of waste produced by humans every day, plastic waste is the most difficult type to decompose by nature. Just imagine, one plastic waste can take up to many years to decompose naturally. Recycling plastic bottles is a wise way for us to help utilize inorganic waste into goods that have use value. There are many ways to handle plastic waste or plastic waste. One of them is to reduce the plastic waste itself. There is also another step by making craft crafts from plastic bottles. Like by making crafts from plastic bottles that you can follow. Making various crafts from plastic bottles, Indonesia is the king. His work is very rich, diverse and innovative. There are many examples that can be replicated. Even though in our daily lives, we are never separated from the use of plastic. Ranging from plastic bags to food and beverage packaging containers. With this condition, how beautiful it is that we begin to take care of the environment from piles of plastic waste. One smart solution to deal with this problem is to recycle plastic waste. Many creations can be created from a plastic bottle. Here's the unique idea of ​​using plastic waste to become a useful object for our lives: 1. Plastic seal One of the benefits of a used bottle that is quite practical is to make it as a plastic cover. All you need is to cut the top of the bottle and put it on the plastic that has been filled. 2. Cute pencil holder Yes, even though this one is already common, but it never hurts to try to make a pencil holder creation from a new plastic bottle. To make it look attractive, you can decorate it with decorative paint or embed ribbons. 3. Plant protectors in pots You don't need to worry anymore about your plants that just grow will be damaged. Because you can use plastic bottles to protect your plants.


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