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Published by: UBDI

Genres: Social Networks

Release Date: Thursday, October 15, 2020

Version: 1.4.150

Approximate Size: 68 MB

Late Update: Thursday, October 15, 2020


We’re solving the social dilemma by putting the power & assets of big tech into YOUR hands... after-all, it's YOUR data! Welcome to a new type of social media where you’re in 100% control and data is used to positively impact your life! While UBDI allows you to talk with your data in verified groups and get insights into yourself and others, you can ALSO get paid as your data matches you with ads, offers, & research. Our mission is to merge privacy and profit to create a Universal Basic Data Income where you earn 70% of every opportunity. Reclaim & start owning your data Get visuals across 19+ data sources on what your data looks like & what companies collect/sell on you Talk anonymously with your data - Join verified groups of people like you-- No bots welcome! - From posting and discussing trades from your account to sharing a new fitness routine, you’ll have a tribe that fits you and your data too - The list goes on of what your data can do for you-- we’re here to make it happen! Learn from your data -Companies have a lot of data about you and don’t share it back! With UBDI, learn from your data the same way big companies do. Earn from your data -This is the easy part. Earn at your own pace with research studies and ads. -This can be cashed out into your Uphold wallet to be turned into cash, gold, crypto, and soon.. stock! So what are you waiting for?? Use your data from sources like Robinhood, Twitter, Netflix, Coinbase, Apple Health, LinkedIn, & more to see what outlets like the New York Times, NPR, USA Today and the Wallstreet Journal are talking about.


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