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Published by: Lemon-Entertainment

Genres: Parenting & Family

Release Date: Friday, August 7, 2020

Version: 1.43

Approximate Size: 15 MB

Late Update: Friday, August 7, 2020


This game was designed for the whole family to develop their musical talent while they play and compose beautiful songs together! This magic piano is the best way to learn to play musical instruments! They will be able to explore and learn to play different instruments and sounds: ✔ Piano ✔ Drums ✔ Xylophone ✔ Flute ✔ Guitar ✔ Animals sounds ✔ Funny sounds ✔ FX *** New "Songs" mode *** Now you can learn to play more than 25 fun songs !. Songs such as: Jingle Bells, Christmas, Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle Litttle Star, London Bridge, Popeye the sailor, I love you, Old Mc Donald, Mary Had a Little Lamb, among others. This mode teaches you with a guide the sequence of notes that you must play for each song. That way you will learn to play by yourself. Learning music was never so easy and fun !!! With this educational application you can play learn to play your favorite songs on the piano! Share beautiful moments together with your kids composing fun songs! Turn the time spent in front of a Tablet or Phone in time spent on education and fun. ●●● KEY FEATURES ●●● ✔ Intuitive and very easy to use! ✔ Stimulates motor, intellectual, sensory and auditory development. ✔ Stimulates creativity and imagination. ✔ Real and high-quality instrument sounds. ✔ Selection of the "DO-RE-MI" or "C-D-E" scales. ✔ Totally FREE. ★★★ Do you like our free app? ★★★ Help us and take a few seconds to rate and write your opinion on Google Play. Your valuable contribution allows us to improve and develop new applications for free!


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