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Published by: labs108 Inc.- Parenting for newborn Baby to Teens

Genres: Parenting & Family

Release Date: Monday, October 19, 2020

Version: 1.4.0

Approximate Size: 21 MB

Late Update: Monday, October 19, 2020


FREE FOR LIMITED TIME. ***(Best Co-Parenting App for Tech Savvy Parents and Families)*** Parenting is hard. Co-parenting is even harder. We all have children. We’ve faced the challenges. Now that you’re separated, you’re going through this process. The emotions are difficult, and dealing with the kids is just so hard. That's where our Parentship App comes so handy to help you deal effortlessly. Parentship is an intelligent solution for stress-free co-parenting. It helps parents make successfully raising their children their top priority. It also helps divorcee parents better manage their emotional distress or ambiguity to schedule, communicate and keep track of their activity and custody calendar. Parentship is designed to reduce stress and focus on shared commitment to raise children in the best way possible and be a good parent : • Dashboard - Your customized dashboard shows upcoming events,alerts at a glance • Reminders - Set reminders to ensure you never forget important events again • Custom Calendaring - Coordinate Calendar without emails and text messages • Smart Profile - Everything about your child in one digital location It can store your kids personal information, Medical records, vaccinations at one place. • Digital Documents - Eliminate the need to track important documents between homes • Event Reminders • Effective scheduling and recording your Parenting Time using custody Calendar. •Helps in scheduling and spending time together for Kids. • Custody Swap Request. • Enabled with Artificial Intelligence. • Expenses (In Future Roadmap) • Co-parenting Counseling (In Future Roadmap) Parentship uses Google secure authentication system for sign-in and to create Kid's Calendar. When you invite the co-parent, they receive an email invitation containing a code to join. We'd love to hear what you'd like to see in the next release. We help our clients stay cool and collected post divorce. For more information about Parentship including feedback, suggestions or support for this application, please reach out to Our Terms of Use: Our Privacy Policy: Learn more about Parentship at Note: This custody feature is now upgraded for cross platform support to be used by Divorced or Separated parents.


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