Tenses Workout for kids

4th May Soft

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This game purpose how to learn tenses step by step with quiz.


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Published by: 4th May Soft

Genres: Educational Games

Release Date: Sunday, October 4, 2020

Version: 1.0.2

Approximate Size: 4 MB

Late Update: Sunday, October 4, 2020


Why everyone who start learn English must know about tense due to tenses are an attribute of verbs that tell us about time which are the base of English grammar that all American accent English use speaking in life for communication. We create game with friend interface that suit with kids or even adult. Our game have all 12 tenses that can separate by 3 times past present future. The past is used to describe things that have already. The present tense is used to describe things that are happening right now, or things that are continuous. The future tense describes things that have yet to happen. In game function have tenses chart for help you see whole of tenses structure in one page the next is tense definition that have describe each tenses with sample sentence abc English, the last function of game is test mode for see how understand are you about tenses, For test mode we split for beginner and intermedia more than 40 practices after that can see your 4 skills English grade which you get when finish each test. For our quiz just finish in 5-6 minute tenses test which you can play anywhere without disturb your life. Tenses learning quiz in game will start from Basic English to Advance English grammar which all words in game base on dictionary. Our apps design base on American and British English conversation that you can find all sentence in diary life. Game feature contain audio English, big grammar book that useful to apply to business English writing email, speaking diary English , next option this game have cartoon free English which your child will love to play it, Our sentence in game create base on general chat to learn English which you can see in life. This game purpose correct spelling and grammar for text and comic English idioms for check you right of grammar. We try to design easy English tenses grammar free eBook game and effortless English but gain more efficiency to learn reading tenses. English club conversation inside game exchange to practice app crossword. Developer know how to design English tenses grammar exercise game suit for kids free. English grammar is use create made easy to practice and quiz. This game be proper for baby, beginner, kids year 3 year, traveler, even business people for reference to writing essay. Grammar test free is fun with ultimate cartoon lesson to listening practice. English pronunciation sound in game we create voice from native speaker that help you improve English radio listening and reading skill too. English song in game easy to listening which make you addict not bore when English tense game play. Tense is also essential English skills grammar is use for male and female which make you fluent in English conversation. I advise this game it fun easy to learn English grammar and punctuation free apps checker. Time to play and learn English know the secret English tense that help to improve you tense skill in life. Apps design for educations games for kids 1st 2nd 3rd 4th grade or kindergarten too, For kids age recommend free kids game age 3 4 5 for boys and girls age 6 7. Our free kids game no internet needed to play that you can play free preschools games every time everywhere. Finally I hope this top game will fun for all ages such as toddler, Fun games for when your bore that the target my game. Game feature: - All 12 tense exam in game. - Tenses chart for quick reference in one page. - There are more than 40 question cover all tenses. - A scoring system helps you to see your tense performance - Friendly game interface suits for everyone. - Nice sound and graphic in game. - No internet need to play.


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