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Animals: Mammals, Birds, Fish and Insects. Learn them all!


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Published by: Educational quizzes

Genres: Trivia & Quiz Games

Release Date: Saturday, December 12, 2020

Version: 1.3

Approximate Size: 16 MB

Late Update: Saturday, December 12, 2020


In this app you will find pictures of famous mammals, birds, fish and insects from all over the world. This is the whole zoo and animal encyclopedia! Can you guess them all? It is one of the best educational game about animals. All animals are divided into 4 levels: 1. Mammals: From elephant to mouse. Platypus and armadillo. Marmot and raccoon. 2. Birds: Flamingo and penguin, mockingbird and owl. Qualifier of birds, try to guess! 3. Fish: Shark and piranha, pike and sturgeon. 4. Arthropods: Bee and grasshopper, cockroach and cicada. You can choose different game modes: 1) Multiple-choice questions - identify the animal shown on the screen. 2) Time game - give more than 30 correct answers to get a star. You have only one minute. 3) YesNo game – guess is the animal correctly signed in the photo Two learning modes: * Flashcards - browse all pictures of animals in the application. * List of all mammals, birds, fishes and insects the app. The app is translated into several languages. So you can learn the names of the animals in any of them. Free game for all nature lovers! In our application you will find both wild and domestic animals.


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