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Published by: FunPlay Short Videos & Games

Genres: Social Networks

Release Date: Monday, October 5, 2020

Version: 5.13

Approximate Size: 12 MB

Late Update: Monday, October 5, 2020


FunPlay is home to a large repository of home produced videos which serve as a memory base for some and a source of entertainment for others. With lots of funny short videos to brighten up your day and exciting games to keep you busy. This is a place to showcase raw and real videos. We provide you with a platform to share memorable and funny videos with the rest of the world. You can also add special effects and background music to your videos to make them look more amazing. In this fast-paced world, don’t forget to slow down, smell the flowers. Create videos of your memorable moments and share them with people around the world. •Millions of videos in one place Find lots of videos in one place and check them out by simply scrolling up or down the screen. FunPlay app includes a wide range of creative and entertaining videos by users of different ages from around the world. •Get your friends to make videos too Invite your friends to join you on the FunPlay app, where you can make videos with them or encourage them to make videos and post it for others to like and share their videos. •Videos that are categorized according to their genre in our FunPlay app With lots of videos to go through, you will find it easier to check the categories if you are interested in a specific category of videos like fun, dance, comedy, sports, animals, and lots of other categories. •Find inspiration among other creators As you check the videos uploaded by other creators, you can be inspired by their works to create content similar to theirs. There are videos that showcase incredible talent and precious moments which people love to share with others. You can also do the same. •Pick your background music from a large selection of audios make your videos even more amazing by adding your favorite songs or audios to them. You can pick music clips featuring the latest tracks from all genres including hip hop, pop, EDM, rap, country, and rock. •Connect with users through our chat feature Use the inbuilt chat feature to start a conversation with any of the users. It allows you to connect with friends and families and also gives you the opportunity to connect with people from anywhere in the world. •Use visual effects for your videos Increase the look and feel of your videos with the help of the visual effects available to make your videos look even more amazing. •Play unlimited gamesbr> Browse through different games that you can enjoy on our FunPlay app. These include classics like solitaire and bubble shooter along with lots of latest games that can keep you entertained for long hours. •Invite your friends to FunPlay Invite your friends to join in the fun of games that you have already tried and enjoyed on our FunPlay app. Feedback and queries: ----------------------------------- For all feedback or queries about our products, features, and services, reach out to us on our email address:


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